wowsuchusername (wowsuchusername) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A few gets and the start of a new setup c:

Hello, I know I haven't posted in a bit, but I just recently (well within the past few months) moved into my own apartment and have been busy with the holidays and unpacking in general, but I have started setting up my Pokemons a bit and wanted to show 'em to ya. c: Plus, I got a few neat holiday gets, >w<
So, without further Ado:
My attempt at Panorama veiw :pincluding my new sleepy babies <3_<3

My bulletin board my sister made me <3

The start of my comics display (I'm looking to buy more of these)

Close up of my little Dittos (Also looking for more cutie Ditto stickers)

My little Meowth figures <3 (looking for more Meowth stickers as well c:)

And finally Sleepy Bulba and baby Bulba, I would ove to find some more little cheap Bulba figures or flats as well <3
Tags: ditto, meowth
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