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Mega Lucario Chu Extras + Others Sales

Good morning everyone! Almost everyone should have their Mega Pikachu totals now. I'm very sorry for the delay, holidays have had me all over the place visiting family and attending events. There were a couple of hiccups with this order, but I should have left comments for everyone who was affected. I think we can get things sorted out fairly easily.

One of the hiccups, however, was the fact that I accidentally ordered 4 extra Lucario Chus! XD; These puppies are sold out now, so this is the perfect chance to pick one up if you had been considering it. They are $30 each before shipping. :)

(*) Feedback here, sales permission granted in 2009 by lineaalba.

Edit: I've put the Lucario Chus on eBay. Feel free to group buy, it's definitely a money-saver if a couple people want to go in on it. :)

Give these puppies a home! <3

I also have 2 extra Mega Charizard X acrylic charms ($12 each) and several extra Mega Pikachu charm sets! ($10 each, Mega Charizard, Mega Latios, Mega Ampharos/Sableye, Mega Mewtwo/Rayquazza, and Mega Scisor/Pinsir!) They each come with both Pikachu charms, a little design charm, and the keyring!

I also have a few extra clearfiles, and items from past promos under the cut.

Clearfiles - $6 each, except the group one which is $8

I've also put these on eBay as well!

Sailor Chu - $18
Glaceon Kuttari - $12
Butt Keychain for Growlithe - $10
Dragonite - $28
Tags: altaria, ampharos, charizard, latias, latios, lucario, mewtwo, pinsir, pokemon center, rayquazza, sableye, sales, scisor
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