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Introduction post and information sharing

Hi! I am Yuwaku, and I just joined pkmcollectors. Been lurking on Facebook under Yuwaku Fuun over last month and I think the community is wonderful and thought it would be a fun place to join and follow.

I collect a variety of items, but as far as pokemon go, I LOVE eevee (as I have seen many other members here do) and any other related fox like pokemon. I started lurking here to get eevee items I have wanted for a while but hadn't gotten due to price or money status at the time, and since I am having to go through a room move and have to redo everything, decided to get the things I have wanted and display them. ^_^

I wont have to many pictures of my collection as of yet as I am going through a big living space organization (and this is why I am getting so many new things to display) but I am rather proud of how it is coming along. I am currently making an eevee wall of plushes, and I am waiting on deliveries from other members to complete it!

wide shot eevee wall -resized.jpg

Have to give a shoutout to polahbear, who started all this for me. Got her second packaged I ordered yesterday, and pleased as punch. Even my pup likes eevee apparently....

some eevee happyness resize.jpg
thank polahbear resize.jpg
Loki and eevee resize.jpg

Also have to thank Splash for the wonderfully packaged items as well! And what a nice little note. *heart*

2015-12-30 (3).jpg
2015-12-30 (11) resize.jpg

A lot of this started when I found that some Walmarts still had Tomy eevees so I sent my bf out for me and it turned out he found one heck of a good walmart! I didn't know they carried Pokemon Center stuff!

walmart fenny.jpg
the spoils.jpg

Course, when I went myself, I didn't have nearly as good a luck... I just found this poor mudkip in a box of electric types... and yet he could still smile...

mudkip needs help resize.jpg

But don't think the King Eevee takes all these newcomers on her turf well. She makes sure to let them know who is boss! king of eevee resize.jpg

Now that I have shown some of the newest stuff, I have some other things to ask the community. Do any of the members have more info on Fab Starpoint? I know they came out with an eevee backpack recently, and I also found something that blew my mind at the local FYE... a ceramic eevee bank!

bank 5.jpg
bank 2.jpg
bank 1.jpg
bank 10.jpg
bank 8 resize.jpg

I have looked on the internet and I cant even find a picture of this little bueaty or anyone selling it. It seems to be largely unknown. It seems that Fab starpoint has licensing permission, so I was wondering if any other members had any info on them?

I also found some eevee shirts from We Love Fine I just had to have. Yay FYE!

shirt 3 resize.jpg

Next, I want to let members know of a find of a different nature. Bootleggers are getting bolder, and I sadly found a shop just FULL of bootlegs. Seems they have started to put their own tags on their stuff, and are called OLYFACTORY. They are the producer of the "12 inch" plushes you see everywhere on ebay.

fakes 5 resize.jpg
fakes 7 resize.jpg

Seems they have even taken a crack at the eevee pokedolls... some of them had the old Pokedoll tags and others had the OLYFactory tags!

fakes 2 resize.jpg
fakes 4 resize.jpg

It was after I got home and did some research that I realized it was bootleg. You wouldn't think a store in a mall would have an entire wall of bootleg plushes would you? Sadly, it seems even in offical stores bootlegs can be there. Please be careful if you see a big wall of these guys. It is probally to good to be true. T_T I still like my little guy I named Blue thou...

blue 2 resize.jpg
blue 1.jpg

If the information I posted about the bootlegs is against the rules (I meant it as an informative post) I will gladly remove that section. Otherwise, I hope to get to know all of you guys! Happy New Year!
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