Pumpkaboo_patch (pumpkaboo_patch) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Holiday Gets :)

Hello lovelies!
I just wanted to share with everyone the things I got over the course of this holiday season! Nothing big, but I've been super excited about it because I got new Ducklett items! Yay!

So yep, nothing big. But that Ducklett mini pokedoll you see marks the last of the Ducklett plush I needed! Now I just need Swanna's plush and I'll be set aside from all the charms, buttons, and miscallaneous items I want for my collection :) Thank you, miss10!
Random Snorlax is a gift from my boyfriend's little brother for Christmas! It's Tomy brand and I am so happy that they're starting to use minky fabric more! He's super soft, but does tend to fall over on account of his round behind! ;D
So that's it, I hope everyone is doing fabulously! And, to make this post less boring, what's an item you got in for your main collection recently that you're super excited about? Besides my mini Ducklett, I absolutely love that I have the Ducklett with you badge now! So cute!
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