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Collection Update and Sales

Hope everyone here had a good New Years! My New Year's resolution last year was to update my collection page at least once a month with either new or old items in my collection, and I think I actually followed through with it. :) So I plan to keep up this resolution.

Here is one of my new gets.

I think some of you remember I made a post a few weeks back asking if anyone here has seen this plush before. It is an officially licensed plush from Thailand. This plush is the 30 cm one. There is also a 60 cm version. The only thing I do not like about them is that both of them face plants. If you want to see pictures of them, you can find them here:
Thai Pikachu Plush. But I just realized I have not taken a picture with the two of them together for a size comparison. I guess I will do that with my next update. I have uploaded over 25 photos on my collection album today, and I still have more pictures to take.

Some of the new things I have added

Mega Chu Promotion -- not all my stuff is here yet, so its only the plush and mascots.

Monthly Pikachu plush -- updated it up to January. I know I should update the 2003 and 2005 sets, but I can't seem to find all my plush.

Sleepy Pokemon plush -- the only one I did not get from this set was Bulbasaur.

Modern art Kuji -- I am only keeping the Pikachu items from it.

I think these are the biggest updates to my albums. I know I added small things in others, like some of the other Chiku sewing items I finally got in.

But my here is a iink to my main Albums Page

Now to the sales,
Sales permission granted March 2, 2012 by entirelycliched
I do ship from the USA.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/tsuiling/

All prices are before shipping and paypal fees. I would like to get any sales out before January 17th because that is when the next USPS price increase is to occur.

I do have extras from the Moder Art Kuji

Sylveon and Swirlix small blanket -- $65.00

Pikachu/Ampharos tote: $25.00
Pikachu coin purse: $25.00

Sylveon Swirlix Round Pouch $20.00
Pikachu Ampharos Round Pouch $20.00

All these items are $9.00 each.
Pikachu/Ampharos Towel
Gloom/Vileplume Towel
Goldeen/Lotad Towel
Sylveon/Swirlix Towel
Ampharos Cushion Cleaner
Swirlix Cushion Cleaner
Pikachu Cushion Cleaner
Goldeen Cusion Cleaner
Sylveon Cushion Cleaner
Lotad Cushion Cleaner

And this is what I call my ripped/wrinkled tag sales. I am not joking when I say the tags are bad. If you only want the plush and don't care about the tag, then you might be interested in this. I think I have more than one of Sableye and Charizard X. I would say the Charizard X has the worst tags, I know one of them is definitely ripped.
All These Mega Chus are $26.00 each.

Also I do have a main sales page on my journal. http://tsuiling.livejournal.com/
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