chibisayurietsy (chibisayurietsy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction Post + Searchings!

Hi everyone, I am so happy to have been accepted in here! I grew up with Pokemon when I was maybe 9 to about when I was 12, and I'm now 28, lol. I just recently unearthed my items and my love for Pokemon rekindled!
I now collect plushies the most, and sometimes figures. My favorite Pokemon are Mew, Gengar, and the Eeveelutions. <3 My treasured items are the full sets I have, I try really hard to complete them or buy them already complete. Here are my favorites!

I actually have more than this, please see my JL for all of them if you'd like!

I joined to find the rare ones I can't seem to find, or are too expensive for me online. I also just LOVE plushies so I'm looking for super cute within my budget. I did purchase quite a few super used or bad condition so I'm also looking for good condition replacements for many of them.

These are the items I absolutely must have, and I need help in cost and finding. The very last giant eevee is one that is a dream grail and I certainly can't afford it now unless it's like... cheaper. xD

I also make dolls, I keep one for myself so I have a cute collection, lol. Here are the eeveelu I've made!

I'm on FB as Dee Berk so I already recognize a few collectors here!
Thanks for reading, have a great day everyone! :3
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