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Collection introduction and a quick want: Large Toy Factory Chatot

After much time I was finally able to photograph the majority of my collection. I'm heavy on the plush collecting, with a goal of having one accurate plush of each Pokemon from my in-game teams. Might also do this with kid figures just to have them all, as many of the plush I'll need will have to be customs of are high grails XD
Besides my plush team goal, I also collect Eeveelutions - which were my main collection before their merch totally blew up, and am a completionist collector of Pumpkaboo and Gorgiest :)
I also collect a few human characters (May, Dawn, Iris, all playable female characters, and Brendan) any trainer items (Pokedexes, Pokenav, Ranger devices, Pokeblock cases, Ribbons, ect) in any way, except for Pokeballs as there are just too many XD

So without further ado, here's my current collection before my gets on he comm here:

My overall colection shelves (currently), hoping to get more soon. Not all of my collection fit on them XD

Most of my plush based on my in-game teams, and some random other plush that snuck their way into my collection with their cuteness :P

Heartgold/Soulsilver team plush, Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald team mates aswell. My small human character collection for the time being. <3

Dispite not directly collecting Ash, his figures are starting to outnumber the others xD

The poor, well-loved Swampert and Secptile Pokedolls were seriously chance encounters. Found them both at a thrift store, among a bunch of Jakks plush (who I all brought home aswell), probably days from being thrown out for not selling. I think I had to do a double, no - triple take as I was sure my eyes were lying. I love the heck out of these two, but I wonder if there was a Blaziken what happened to him :< I am so happy to of found them though, even in poor condition I finally had 2 grails for nearly nothing. I forever owe my thrift store for this one xD <3

A little crammed currently, but my amazing custom May plush with the official Play-by-Play Ash! <33

Plush representing my Diamond, Pearl and Platnium Teams. Random Emolga, Meditite and OR/AS Torchic made it in there too xD

Fuzzy tomy Munchlax is one of the softest plush I own. Really love this little Munchies <3

Firered(times 2, played it twice due to being gifted a second cartridge XD )/Leafgreen teams and some others

Odds and ends plush

Eeveelution shelves + my small Pumpkaboo collection for now (many more to come soon!)

Team Rocket Pumpkaboo was the very first in my Gorgiest collection :) Still love how big this plush is!

HQ Eevee wears a reproduction bandana of May's, though I just got the official one! :)

1:1 Eevee <3, and smaller 'Vees with my Pokedexes. Custom Fennekin was the first in my Fennekin collection before she had real merch :)

The rest of the Eeveelutions.

Captain America band was given to me by a friend who loved Flareon, so on Flare it stays when I'm not using it ^_^

Play-by-Play Butterfree had to fit on another shelf :P

Some random items not including a ton of flats

Large misc plush that reside on my bed. (Pokecen Reshi and Zekerom are so big with those tails!)
Unpictured: Cyndaquil, Piplup, Munchlax Pokedolls, talking jakks Chimchar, RC Oshawott, Pikachu Amiibo, my near complete game collection, manga, some DVDs and other random things like too many Eeveelution tees xD
Thanks for reading, this is only the start of my collecting journey :)
Soon I will be posting all of my amazing gets from the last few months, thanks to all who have added something to my collection <3

Also hoping to find the closest made to lifesized Chatot plush by Toy Factory. Best picture I could find with the larger plush, if this photo is yours I will gladly remove it if needed be :)
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