zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

PokeCen/PokeDolls Spotted at Target!

Been a while since I've seen then at Target, and none of my Walmarts have them (not sure where they even have their card sections now, either!) and TRU overprices them. Mine had the new large Hoopa Unbound, Mewtwo PokeCen, and older PokeDolls Zorua, Zoroark, and Darkrai. I was shocked! I have the Zoras and wanted Mewtwo, but sadly the price was $30 :( I'd rather just bulk buy on the website to get it at $23. So sad... :( Didn't check the dolls, but I'm sure they were more than $13.

So yeah, go check your Targets and see! Might be lucky, but be aware of the higher pricing. My guess is that since TPCI is going through a retail outlet, the stores need to price them higher to make profit.
Tags: info, pokecen, pokedolls
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