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♡ Purugly WANTS! Please help me start my collection! ♡

Thank you so much for starting to read. ♡ And since you started, why not finish? :D

Okay, I have been meaning to collect Purugly for WAY. TOO. LONG.
It is time for me to get serious about my precious ♡

If you have anything Purugly, A N Y T H I N G, please let me know!!!

I just purchased a few flats from Splash, (awesome community member ♡) but so far that's all I have.

It's almost my birthday, and I have been studying hard and want to spoil myself a bit~ ;____;

Edit: TCG questions!

Do Holos exist of any of the Purugly cards? Or just regulars and reverse holos? :0 Thanks! :3
Pictures under the cut~

*anxiously waiting* :3

-Lumi ♡
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