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First gets & wants!


Don't know if anyone remembers me, I'd done an introduction post back in november and just posted a few comments since then: I am actually really busy right now and I'm definitely not an active member in general! Anyway, just so that you know I'm Italian and I'm collecting just zukans right now (hope to go on to Kaiyodo figures when I have enough zukans) and I'm happy to do my first gets post - which is pretty much all my current collection given that it all started here for me! :D I actually have many other beautiful zukans on the mail, but since they come from far away they won't be here before the end of January. So yeah, sorry if it's not that much and there's nothing too fancy, but I thought it was nice to share it with you nonetheless, together with my wants list! :) Now, on to the gets!

[Zukan gets!]
Before starting, I wanted to thank chariflame for having sold to me all the figures shown (except Zoroark which is my very first zukan!) and making the transaction very pleasant!

Unfortunately there should have been a gorgeous Celebi in there, but didn't manage to get to my house! Long story made short, I had to have the figures sent to the post office and after picking them up I couldn't come back home straight away and went to uni with the little package. Unfortunately, I had to open it upon entering because of the security controls (I'm in Paris right now) and the tiny gorgeous figure must have fallen when I got its little bag out of the package to show I wasn't carrying anything dangerous. Though I couldn't fully appreciate it, just one moment of putting my eyes on it was enough to see how beautiful it was - and how painful its loss would be!

Luckily there were many other splendid figures to console me! I took just a few photos of them together as soon as I came back home - unfortunately, I didn't realize that the little Chikorita fell down in the confusion until I put the pictures on the computer. Also, I apologize but the desk here traps all the dust, it's really a pain - and for now it's pretty much the only place I could display them (coming back to Italy soon). Next time I will put more effort trying to show them off more properly, but at that moment I was so happy to finally witness their beauty that just their sole presence entirely filled my mind and soul (okay, maybe I'm a bit exaggerating)! I knew they were tiny, but they are in fact even tinier than I could ever expect! And this, don't know why, made them even more lovely to my eyes! :D

Awwww boy, aren't they a wonderful sight?

And then my wants! I am pretty low on funds right now, mainly due to the many purchases I've just made, but I'm always glad to hear reasonable offers! However, please note that right now I can't afford quite a few of the listed zukans :( (though for the 2005 Mewtwo and the Articuno I could be willing to sell a lung!)

[Zukan wants!]
I generally prefer japanise versions, since rumor has it they're better made :P But as I can judge from the photos online, while this seems certainly accurate, it looks like there's not much of a difference with older European sets. So European versions are more than welcome, unless otherwise stated. Of course, the figures must be in (near) mint condition but it is also important that they come with bases (especially if it's a pretty one) and pegs when necessary for standing (even broken as long as they are easily fixable). Then again, for a reasonably priced Mewtwo or Articuno I could settle for just the gorgeous figure itself!

EDIT: I forgot to mention them, the almighty pegs and bases! I'm interested in any offer, since I happen to buy incomplete sets often - so if you have any to sell I'd be more than glad to hear! :D


2005 Mewtwo (Gosh, how much do I want it!)

Articuno (Preferably the japanese version because of the cool base, unless reasonably priced)

Swimming Milotic

High wants:

Abra Line (can't believe how many of these at just 10 or 12 dollars I've missed :P)

Sneasel Line (and other Sneasel and Weavile Zukans too!)

Ponyta Line

Latias 1/40 (and possibly Latios, but not necessary)

Espeon and/or Umbreon (even other Zukan editions)

THESE PARTICULAR Blazikend and/or Blastoise (from RSE Special 2)

THIS PARTICULAR Dialga (anyone knows if it is 1/40? Though it's not that likely...)

Suicune (preferably regular but also interested in the shiny one)

Cresselia (not interested in Phione or Manaphy)

Giratina Origin Forme

Ordinary wants (NOT very interested in those, but would gladly buy them if they're good priced):

Pidgey Line

Haunter and Gengar

Latias and Latios 10th anniversary


Togepi Line (with Togekiss - though I'm more interested in the particular Togetic from the second picture)

Shaymin Line (only with base but not necessarily with the - frankly uggly - piece in the middle)

Thanks for reading or just watching and I hope to make more enjoyable gets posts with rarer stuff soon! :D And a big thank you to all the collectors of this community, you guys are really inspirational, love reading everything you post here! So much energy and dedication!
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