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"Suicune: a Timeless Encounter"

I have only a few things I call Grails. Well, multiplied by 3, as I collect all Beasts. Some of them I call Grails due to their price, some because of their rarity. Recently I got one item that I never dreamed of owning in the nearest future.

Now some story, shall we?~~

I saw it by accident, when I was looking at other auctions of the seller, who had one Entei item I wanted to bid on. One of their listings was for a lot of Pokemon toys in boxes. The biggest one was plain, white and looked dirty. Nothing interesting. I clicked on the link and, when I saw what was in that boring-white box, gasped so loud I scared my cat! D: I was expecting some damaged toys but NOT THAT!
It was one of my most-wanted items ever. Bundled in a lot with some old Poke toys. With a starting price of. ONE. YEN. I immediately jumped at that offer. I put my maximum bid and was able to win it! Well, for much, much higher than 1 yen, but it was so worth it <3

What item is it?~~

The box...



Pokemon Theatre Promo Deluxe Figure (Diorama) from "Celebi: a Timeless Encounter" movie! (2001, Movic)

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful figure.
Words cannot describe how happy and how thankful I am to own this amazing figure. I feel extremely honoured to be one of the owners of this beauty. It's in amazing condition as well! The only notable flaw is a light scratch on Suicune's cheek. Other than that it's perfect. It's really hard to photograph it, as none of the photos don't do justice to this figure. I could describe it as breathtaking and I don't think I would be exaggerating. Dynamic pose, detail (that grass!) - a truly amazing figure.

Some more photos:

I was surprised how heavy it is, especially the base.
Small downside of this figure is how hard is to balance Ash and Pikachu on the base. Peg on Pikachu's paws is so small that I was afraid of breaking it. And its tail is just impossible to attach. Surprisingly, Ash fights the gravity and stands well. He falls only with Pikachu on his shoulders...

Some photos of the details:

And a size comparison with Entei Tomy:

Thank you so much for reading! <3

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