Laura! ♫ (laurakitazawa) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Laura! ♫

Mini grail get and some simple wants!

Hi all!

One day I will update my collection website... but today is not that day.
Instead I'm here looking for more Helio things! Show me everything you have available of Helioptile, and particularly Heliolisk - these guys have such limited amount of merch available that I can't be too picky (although I will of course have preferences), so show me your flats, stickers, and of course 3D items.
Also interested in Umbreon and Charizard to a lesser extent right now.

As an example here's some flats I recently purchased from ku_bek (thanks for the extra and if you have anything new please let me know!):

To make the post a little more interesting, here is one of my newest gets (Christmas presents yay) and mini grail the Charizard PokeTime tin. I love tins and small boxes, I used to collect them as a child... I've been searching for this cute little tin for a while and here it is!

Thanks for looking! Hope 2016 is treating you all well so far. ;u;
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