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Huge Lots on eBay - Good for GAs! :)

Hi everyone! I've packed everyone's orders and will be shipping them out today. I've also secured all Pokemon Time and Monthly Pikachu requests, and those should arrive toward the end of the month.

I'm going to be moving in a few months, and I've gone through and done a LOT of collection weeding, and listed two lots on eBay. One is mostly clearfiles, and the other is all sorts of things, mostly new items from the Pokemon Centers. I've painstakingly listed EACH AND EVERY ITEM for both lots, so they are perfect for potentional group auctions if anyone wants to do that. :) And please don't hesitate to ask any questions about either lot. They were listed this morning for 7 days.

Sales permission granted by lineaalba in 2009

This lot includes lots of pokedolls, some kuttari, petit plush, Mega Lucario poncho plushies, charms, straps, pillow, blanket, lunch mats, and so much more. Lots of favorites featured, including Eevee, Jolteon, Vulpix, Raichu, Dragonite, Absol, etc!

It seems someone BIN'd the larger lot! Sorry about that! @_@

This one has two of the Mega Lucario poncho plushies and a whole bunch of clearfiles! Mostly from recent promotions, but some from earlier promos too.

Have a great day, everyone! <3

Tags: absol, buizel, chikorita, dragonite, eevee, ekans, espeon, flareon, glaceon, golbat, jolteon, lucario, meowstic, pikachu, piplup, pokemon center, sales, slowpoke, umbreon, vulpix
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