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moving sales!

Hey guys!

Apologies for my absence, but it looks like we'll be moving in early Feb, so I unfortunately need to sell a lot from my collection. ): I've updated my sales post and will likely be adding more in future. At the moment I'm only shipping within the UK/EU as it's easier for me, but I might open to other countries later! I'll also be adding random small freebies with every order as much as I can, just to help shift some of this stuff.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
My PKMNCollectors feedback page can be found here!

PLUS everything includes free shipping, as I really just need to get these guys to new homes! :3

I will be keeping my favourite things but I likely won't be able to add much to my collection for the foreseeable future after this, since I won't have the space, but I will still pick things up here and there. I actually ordered myself a lifesized buddy lately that I'm really excited about! (Another reason why I need to make room haha) X3 And I did get the Nderoid! Aside from Reshi's awkward joints (my hands were killing trying to put the legs in) I really love them! ;o; The feel of the sculpt, the accessories, being able to pose them... I don't mind selling some of my Reshis so much now!

I got the new PokeCen Mew plush some time ago as well who has become a good bed buddy of mine. ^_^ He's so fuzzy and cute and I love playing with his tail! Yay for loose tails that I don't have to snip! XD

Anyway, thanks guys! ;o;/ The more I shift, the better, so please don't be afraid to haggle!

(Super excited for Spring Swap too, I had such a good time with that last year!)
Tags: figures, lucario, mew, plush, pokedoll, reshiram, sales

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