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New Gets and New Collection Challenge!

A package finally came in from my middleman, so I have lots of awesome new gets to share for my Absol and Articuno collection! :D It's getting seriously hard to find new stuff for these guys! XD I'm starting to delve into the 'buying stuff my Pokemon's featured on' domain for Articuno, because I want to try make a complete collection site for him, but I'm still only going for things I like/haven't scene in other collections if it features Absol. So anyway, here are my gets! :D

Here's a group shot of everything! :) Finally got the Mystery Mansion clear file (thanks to skdarkdragon). I really wish Absol had gotten a keyring like the other Pokemon featured, but oh well! XD I'm also super happy to have a set of the Jirachi movie can badges MIP and I finally bought myself a little folder to keep all my flats in! :) Of course I went for one that has an Absol on it! ;) Also pictured are the last four Absol tretta I needed, the silver minicott, the movie swing charms (super lucky to have found these with a BIN price), the in-case figure (finally with the right background! XD) and some old watch straps that feature Absol. Closer pics below.

I also stumbled across a few extra Absol items on eBay for BIN prices that were just too low to resist. I'm glad to finally have an AG figure that has the tail attached to it! XD

Here's an updated picture of my collection! :) Still not enough space, but it's definitely looking a lot less cluttered without the flats lying everywhere! XD Although my folder is already almost full, so if anyone else knows of a file that has Absol or Articuno on it please let me know! :) I would rather get one that can fit in with my collection! XD

I'm super happy with all my Articuno gets this time round! :D Closer pictures of some items below so I'll just mention the large items here! :) Bought the stunning ice-type clear file to keep my Articuno settei nice and flat. Also have the Pokemon Conquest handkerchief featuring Articuno, and an old MIP Articuno CD-rom back from when the movie came out (thanks to skdarkdragon again for middlemanning this for me! XD)! Tucked away at the back is a notebook featuring Articuno (I've seen the design on several things, but not sure if it's from a movie or just an old Japanese promotion. Anyone know?), the Audley buildable Articuno figure that moves (right of the lunchbox) and of course, the lunchbox.

I love love love Pokemon tins! :D This lunchbox comes from an old Christmas promotion (2005 I think?) and features lots of awesome Pokemon alongside my ice bird! :) I assume there are other items from this promotion, so will definitely be on the lookout for those now! :)

Here are my smaller Articuno gets. Got the new Articuno tretta, an old Articuno coin, the Articuno screen cleaner (thank you so much jen81489 I love it! :D), and the metallic plastic Articuno figure that I have been looking for for ages! XD There was also a tiny plastic Articuno in the same lot who is so delicate! XD

Here's another figure I got, one which I'm extremely happy to have! :D I'm not too sure exactly what it is, but I've heard that it's a gashapon figure of some sort? The only other time I saw it was in an old auction, where the seller had no idea what it was either. It appeared on Y!J for a hefty 4,800 yen (O_o!) and while I was humming and harring, another one popped up MIP for a BIN of 800 yen. So yeah, no prize for guessing which one I went for! XD

And finally here's my lovely new MWT Articuno Banpresto plush! :) I said when I got my tagless plush that I wasn't too fussed about its condition, but it turned out that was a lie! XD This guy was a steal so I'm super happy to finally have a nice one for my collection! :D

That's everything for now! :) I didn't have time to photograph my Swablu/Altaria gets or my new and growing Amaura/Aurorus collection! XD I also have a new collection on the grow! :) Meloetta Aria form! :) However, unlike with my other collections, I'm restricting myself to buying only from the comm, Facebook, eBay and websites like Pokevault. No Y!J allowed! XD So please help me out and let me no if you have anything (no customs or flats for now thanks! ^-^)! Cheers! ^-^
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