Whitney (wobbuwhit) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated sales ♡

Hi everyone! I recently signed up for From Japan and... well, I was able to get some things I wanted from Y!J, but now I also realize I need to do a little more weeding! XD So I've updated sales and reduced prices on some existing ones! In addition, if you spend more than $50 from now until until next Saturday (1/16), I'll give an additional 5% discount to you!

Here's a small sales preview! Click here or on any picture to use Teleport!

I also have a quick question related to the ORAS scrap cards that I'll place behind a cut!

Does anyone know if Wallace received a scrap card? I've seen them for SO MANY of the Hoenn gym leaders, but I've never seen one of Wallace. Was he included? It seems weird that he'd be left out, but I've searched high and low and can't find any sign of him. If anyone happens to have him, I'd like to purchase him please!!

Tags: sales
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