mayapology (mayapology) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Late Christmas Gets

I bought a ton of stuff with some money I got from christmas and its finally all here! heres a preview

more detail in the cut below :3

Ichiban Kuji Dedenne Berries Plush, dedenne is soso soft T.T

Vulpix Chiku Chiku Sewing

((PS The tag is ADORABLE))

Walky Mew Keychain

I Love Eevee Laying Plush

all my babies <3<3<3

also here's a plug to my wants and collection posts, just click on the pictures to see :)

Thanks for looking, and I got all of these off of the community so I wanna say thank you to those that I bought from!! -Maya
Tags: dedenne, eevee, eeveelution, mew, vulpix
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