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Updated Sales

*Edit* Added more stuff
Click the banner or the link to be transported! Getting more sales out before the shipping prices jump in two weeks.

-Sales Permission granted onDecember 17, 2015 by areica96
-All PKMNCollectors rules apply
-Feedback foundHERE
-I will not sell to banned and/or non community members.
-I accept trades (with equal value). Wants list can be foundHERE.

-All prices in USD.
-Paypal only.
-PayPal fees will be added with the total.
-Payment due within 24 hours unless stated otherwise. Will hold up to 72 hours (3 days).
-$5 minimum.
-No haggling.

-Quotes DO NOT count as a commitment.
-Please state whether or not you're committed or still looking.
-I've got a smoke free home, but I do have an eclectus parrot. He lives in my room with me, where I keep all my stuff. But he isn't allowed to touch anything.
-Everything here is pre-owned. Meaning I got them from someone else.
-Ask for pictures if you need! Otherwise they're sold as-is. Hence the above statement.

-I ship from NJ, USA.
-I will be shipping on Friday 1/15/16 and Saturday 1/16/16
-Shipping starts at $2.75 in the US
-I can only ship small things internationally unless you're willing to spend a lot on shipping.
Int. Shipping starts at $7.10 for small things, $13.20 for larger items.
-I am not responsible for the item once I ship it out.
-I will PM you with the tracking code if you get one as well as proof of shipment.

Sales preview;

Tags: absol, charizard, cresselia, darkrai, deoxys, entei, espeon, garchomp, groudon, kids, kyurem, latias, latios, mew, mewtwo, plush, salamence, sales, suicune, swampert, tomy, zukan

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