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custom plushie commissions jan/feb

Hi hi community, I hope everyone is doing great. I've been away for some time now, but lurking from time to time :P

I'm offering slots for simple things like head charms (pokemon, OCs, humans, anything) and button jointed plushies that I enjoy making a lot :)

Info under the cut!

Prices are in USD & shipping is not included in prices.
Payment via Paypal.
I ship from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I ship worldwide!
Everything comes from a smoke free, cat friendly enviroment (don't purchase if you're allergic to cats, please).
Shipping starts at $3 for flat and $7 tracked and goes up depending on weight.
I personally recommend tracked shipping, im not responsible for lost/damaged mail.
Sales permission granted on 05/08/11 by dakajojo.
Feedback here.

Head Charms are little hand sewn heads made of felt, they are around 5-6cm and have a string and a phonestrap attached.
They're $6+shipping each, I gladly combine shipping :)

The ones in the pic are already made and ready to be shipped.

-Full payment upfront required-


Button Jointed Plushies or BJP can be it humanoid or four legged.

They're handsewn, made of felt with plastic button joints and eyes. I can offer black safety eyes if you don't like the button ones.
They're around 15cm/6in.

These will be done by mid/end of february.

Simple designs are $30+shipping

Complicated designs are $40+shipping

I gladly combine shipping!

-Full payment upfront required-
I can do payment plans for large orders!

Here are some samples of BJP plushies I made:

no titleno title
no titleno title

As always you can follow me on DeviantArt or FurAffinity!


  1. linameerun: Zigzagoon Head Charm (Paid)

  2. lone_enigma: Male Meowstic BJP (Paid)

  3. Open

  4. Open

  5. Open

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