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The most awesome trade package EVER!!! *w*

Hello people! :D

A few days ago, I got THE MOST AWESOME PACKAGE EVER!!!! :D
I waited so long for it, and finally it is time! \\(^O^)//

This package does not only contain my AWESOME trade with starpurrloin (thank you soooooooooo much YOU'RE THE BEST <333) but a bunch of other stuff my friend latias_latios_7 middlemanned for me!

I know to some this might still not be much, but to me it is the most humongous Pokemon collecting related package I ever got!

Let's see the awesomeness inside!!!

TWO whole Pokecenter bags? :O And what is that blue thing on top??


This is the Phanpy Pokedoll I won from eevee_trainer's ebay auctions! I paid an arm and a leg for it and got into a bid war xD This was the most important rare Pokedoll I wanted and I am so incredibly happy I managed to find him so insanely quickly. He is such a cutie! *w*
Elephants are one of my favorite animal species and so I love Phanpy to bits! I am so happy to have this cutie since I've been eying him for quite some time now but he wasn't a huge priority until I got my other main rare PD wants - which I now have so he climed to the top of my wants list only about 2 months ago or so.

Of course he wanted to make friends with the smaller version of himself :>

... and with Dumbo!! *w*

Look at the cute little butt and tail :'D

Meating his Pokedoll friends :)

But now let's go on to my awesome trade with starpurrloin - I traded lots of drawings for all of this, and it's simply the most awesome trade I ever had with someone. She offered me so many great plush for such good prices!
Here they are!

Raichu PC plush, Treecko Hasbro, Treecko Secret Base Pokedoll, Greninja PC plush, Charmander Hasbro, Altaria PC plush

My favorites are the Charmander and the Raichu! I've waited for that Charmander so long it's not even funny anymore xD How I would have loved such a plush as a child but sadly, I never had one - but now! Even though it's "just" a Hasbro plush, it's one of my favorites because it's so cute. :3

And the Raichu <333 I'd been looking forward so much for this! I love it! I want another one now xD I got pet mice for Christmas and Raichu is also a mouse and I love mice more and more :) Even though sadly, you can't pet real mice because they are so shy and don't like that, I can pet and cuddle this cute little Raichu, the only mouse who you can pet xD *w*

But wait, there is even more!
These two small bags

Noivern Tomy and a Grovyle keychain! :O Finally I got the Noivern Tomy figure for my collection xD It was also part of the trade with starpurrloin, and she even sent the Grovyle keychain as an extra? :O Thanks so much, Nat, you are awesome! <3

And here are all the tags and wait, even more? A letter, a code card, a Grovyle sticker and two Altaria cards as extras!

And the letter contained such a beautiful thank you card *w*

Omg I am so overwhelmed! ;w; This is so nice of you and more I could have ever imagined, so incredibly nice!! ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH starpurrloin <3333!!!! YOU ARE DA BEST!!! O3O

Now let's go on to the other middlemanned stuff :)

First, this Omanyte J. Franco and Sons figure I won in an auction here on the community. This is so awesome since it is a pretty rare figure and I even believe hardly any photos of this figure exist at all

He looks like some kind of water squirter at the bottom.

Here he is next to the Kid figure. It's funny how they look kinda similar but have small differences :) I love how figures can have so little differences, it's so much fun to observe!

Next up, here is my awesome 1st edition Fossil booster pack I won in the photo contest by majora1990.

Thank you so much! <33 Your card was so incredibly nice and the little Zelda drawings are just adorable :3 And, of course I opened the package, and I pulled Zapdos as my rare which was way cool!! :)
Here are my pulls:

Next, I got this beautiful tag. I mainly got it for the Natu artwork on it. I have been searching for literally months for just this tag, and argh, it was so hard to get! I had to pay a good dollar for it, but finally, I can call it my own :)

But wait... what? There is actually a PLUSH attached to this tag! I didn't expect this at all, but what a nice extra! :) I don't mean to say that I wouldn't like the tag without the plush, but this definitely makes this purchase worthwhile even more :)

Just kidding xD This plush with the rediculously large tag is actually the infamous Natu Tomy mascot plush!!! :D :D
I got it from the community for a good dollar, but still less than what I heard others pay for it since this plush is quite rare. I am so happy to add it to my Natu collection since now, I have all the official Natu plush - well there are only two anyway lol xD This plush and the Natu Pokedoll :)

Just look at how flat it is, this plush is so rediculous xD But how can you not love it?? It's super cute and silly <33

And here he joined his flock :3

And last but not least, I got my personality sprite from Rachel! :)

The first one was actually lost in the mail, so Rachel was super nice and made another one for me! <3 Turns out I am an Audino, and I am so flattered by the charcter description :) I never thought of myself as an Audino since they seem so kind and I am more of a recluse lol. But this opened up new ways of seeing myself hehe :) This was such an awesome idea!

Once again, thank you so much starpurrloin for this awesome trade, my buddy!! :D

And thank you latias_latios_7 for middlemanning the package and all the other stuff for me!

You two are literally the BEST <33
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