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More heavy METAL, anyone?

Alright, so eiei_o_kumori hosted the latest metal group auction and I'd like like to do the next one.

The bid right now is pretty low and I was just interested in one. I don't want the rest to go to waste so any help for as low as $1 would be great!

♣ Mewtwo - eiei_o_kumori {$1}
♣ Machamp
♣ Pikachu - heenz {$1}
♣ Squirtle - heenz {$1}
♣ BRIGHT Pikachu - yaoi_queen {$2}
♣ Porygon - orunitier {$2}
♣ Venomoth - scarsofsunlight {$1}
♣ Haunter - CLAIMED {$6 or more if needed}
♣ Kingler - eiei_o_kumori {$1}
♣ Seel
♣ Charizard
♣ Farfetch'd - heenz {$2}
♣ Marowak - guardianphoenix {$2}
♣ Chansey
♣ Ekans
♣ Graveler - eiei_o_kumori {$1}
♣ Tauros
♣ Oddish
♣ Exeggutor
♣ Charmeleon
♣ Electrode
♣ Sandslash - deusredux {$4}
♣ Staryu
♣ Arcanine - growly {$4}

The seller states that these figures have been used so there are some dents, paint wear and the likes, especially on the blue ones. If I'm able to win the auction at a fair price, I can see what I can do with discounts but I can't promise anything. :}

Thanks in advance! Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Also, I have been looking up and down for this and I just can't find it anywhere! It has become a new 'grail' for me. I'm guessing that this is going to be a hard find but maybe someone can keep an eye out for me or maybe knows a place I could find it?

JAKKS Pacific Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Throw Poke Ball Series 5 Haunter
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