bacentrekkes (bacentrekkes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Status update for a few users here I sold swing charms to

This is a status update for a few people I sold items to

docgerbilsworld - Raichu swing charm

serenitysamaa - Mareep swing charm

mixie94 - 2x meowth and one stantler swing charm

I'm very sorry you did not get your items yet, I had sent them out, but due to a mistake on my part, part of the addressed got ruined, and the items were 'Return to Sender'd' back to me when I had to be sent to the hospital. (I'm posting this shortly after I arrived back home)

I'm very sorry you've been waiting this long, but I have re-done the addresses and I will be mailing them out today when I head out.
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