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Translation help?! Plus new merch and Mega Stone GB reminder


I'm still missing claims for Lucario, Pinsir, and Mewtwo X for this set of Mega Stones. These are sparkly variants of the regular stones released last year. I managed to get them for even cheaper so now each stone is only $2.25 before Paypal fees and the final payment! Click here or on the picture to go to the post.

Small Gengar Figure

I FINALLY found this tiny Gengar I've been after for almost a year and a half. Sort of! I know which set he comes from now but unfortunately, the person selling it doesn't have the Pokeballs they come with so it's not worth it for me to buy an incomplete set.
I have tried to translate the set's name but the Japanese characters used are too complex for the Google translate app, so I have just ended up with gibberish. I was hoping someone could tell me what the set is called in Japanese so I can create a search on Japanese sites. A lot of times, sellers will sell the sets under the name but not label any Pokemon.

The pictures can be made bigger by clicking on them. Any help is immensely appreciated!

This game is called Pop-up Pirate 黒ひげ危機一発. Even though it features Pokemon, that's the name; just add Pokemon in front of the Pop-up part. While I couldn't find any complete sets for now, if someone has a Pokeball belonging to this particular set, I would like to buy it!

I found two pieces of new merch as well.

This set of stylus are only available in European sites as far as I can tell but was wondering if anyone had seen them in the USA or if we might even get them here. The packaging is in English, so maybe?! Shipping alone is 14 euro to the USA. RIP.

Found them just now!

Forgot to add the German link. These are already out in Europe, not just Germany.

Here are some keychains, too. Nothing fancy. Due in February.
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