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[SALES] Pink Floof Sales and Reintroduction

Hi hi!

I'm obeying my New Years Resolution to post more about my Pokémon addiction. I'm Doc, your resident Fairy Pokémon nerd (as you can probably tell). I've had a lot of usernames in the past, but this one has stuck!

I'm currently in the process of photographing my whole collection (of Pokémon, figmas, plushies, Xenomorphs... etc etc!) and uploading to my collection tumblr, which you can see here. It's a work in progress - the English weather isn't very kind to photographers at this time of year.

So I'll be updating properly in a few weeks - in the meantime, it's time to say goodbye to a few items to fund my expensive hobby!

- I ship from the United Kingdom, and will ship anywhere that Royal Mail will ship to
- Paypal accepted, as well as Amazon credit and PSN/NDS credit
- Sales permission was granted a million years ago (2008!) by an ex-mod, but going forward is denkimouse
- Feedback can be found here under the name floette, here under my old username carriesagun, and here on eBay.
- Haggling is fine, within reason!
- I'm selling other goodies on Facebook (If this isn't allowed, I'll remove it!) and will combine shipping


Photo 11-01-2016, 5 49 26 pm
Chansey Bell Plush
MIP - In absolutely mint condition, including the box. $30 + Shipping
Out of Box - In very good condition, though the elastic on the string is a little greyed. $18 + Shipping

Photo 11-01-2016, 5 49 37 pm
Chansey MPC Plush - Like new. $10 + Shipping
(Funky picture alignment whoops!)

Photo 11-01-2016, 5 49 57 pm
Pearly Chansey Pop Tart figure, Very clean condition, $2 + shipping
Orange Chansey, Very good condition, $3 + shipping
Chansey Kid, Very good condition, $3 + shipping
Photo 11-01-2016, 5 50 05 pm
Photo 11-01-2016, 5 50 09 pm
Diancie 3DS Stylus, MIP, $8 + shipping

Keep your eyes peeled for a full collection post sometime soon! I'm so excited to show off all my lovely goodies!
Tags: bell plush, chansey, kids, mpc, sales, tomy
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