Rachel the Team Magma Grunt (latias_latios_7) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rachel the Team Magma Grunt

Reorganized Sales Post- added items

Hi everyone :) I hope you're all having a good week!
Just to start off- I'm in the process of taking/uploading commission pics, so bear with me ;w; I'll have everything up by the end of the day!

Here's a preview of what is for sale; more is under the cut!

Badges: 15 each Sold
Pika pouch: 10
Mewtwo Y pin: 2
Carbink charm: 4
Origami book: 8
Photo album: 10
Slippers: 10

Togepi: 15 shipped
-includes dress and crown. Some felt pieces need minor touching up.
Bulbasaur: 25 shipped

Both size S-M, although Bulbasaur's pants may need to be taken in.

Device: 25
Shirt: 6

Can be combined with commissions: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20598510.html

Also, does anyone know how rare this coin is? And the value compared to other pokebox coins?


Edit: middleman items came in! This concerns raymence, spritzee, schenzi, ku_bek, chromapika, xxlatiosxx, umbreyena, and deranged_girl.
Please let me know your country so I can get shipping quotes for all of you <3
Tags: eevee, sales
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