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I've got some new plush, figures, flats, TCG, pogs, and clear files. Also lowered prices on unsold items from last time.

Sales policy:
-Sales permission granted in March 2015 by areica96.
-Prices do not include shipping, but do include PayPal fees.
-PayPal only - sent as goods/services - protects buyer and seller.
-Buyer must pay within 24 hours, unless other arrangements are made.
-I ship from NH USA within 2 days of cleared payment.
-Free tracking number for packages within the US.
-Will ship internationally.
-Insurance is extra, please ask for prices.
-I do reuse packing material when I can to cut down on shipping costs for buyers. Items are packed well!
-First buyer to commit gets the item. I do not hold for quotes.
-Items from a smoke free home, but I do have cats/dogs.
-Will not sell to banned members.

My feedback:

I will trade for items on my want list:

Vaporeon metal figure (I only have bronze)
Vaporeon in case figure w/ red base
Vaporeon stamper w/ pink and blue bases
Vaporeon Retsuden Stamper
Diglett in case figure with Santa hat
Diglett water museum game
Diglett swing/keychain plush - vintage one
Diglett/dugtrio pokecen charm set
Cresselia Retsuden Stamper
Cresselia lunar wing (movie promo)- necklace?
Cresselia card deck holder
Grimer metal figure- only looking for purple one
Scraggy metal figure
Butterfree Pokedoll - any tag/no tags


Shadowless base set Charizard card - $65 SOLD
More pictures:

Carnival prize oshawott $15
This is the large one ~16 inches. Was spot cleaned, see pictures for condition:

Prinplup talking plush (needs spot cleaning. Still works) TTO $5.00 SOLD
Vaporeon US version sitting Tomy plush MWMT $15.00
Squirtle Pokedoll US version TTO (tush tag is coming off, bootleg?) $4.00
Pikachu hasbro bean bag Very loved TTO $1.00
Pikachu Tiger talking keychain loved TTO $1.00
Tallow Jakks? plush no tags $4.00
Duskull Jakks plush no tags $15.00
Buizel mascot plush TTO $3.00

1997 Bandai buildableplastic metallic models
Charizard (w/ eye stickers) $3.00
Machamp (w/ eye stickers) $2.00
Porygon (w/ eye, feet, beak stickers) $2.00
Or buy all for $6. If anyone wants the box let me know. Porygon's pieces attached to both molds, so if you just want him the pieces will be loose

Pikachu PVC $0.25
Snorlax squishy rubbery figure $0.75
Pikachu keychain $0.50
Zapdos mini model green $2.00
Zapdos mini model purple $2.00
Porygon mini model $1.00
Plusle mini figure $0.50
Chimchar $0.50
Mega Charizard $2.00
Flareon clip :2.00 SOLD

These are in played with condition
Patrat $1
Shieldon $1
Totodile $1
Shamin sky $8 SOLD
Darkrai $4
Kyogre $4
Arceus $8

Lugia McDonalds $0.50
Pikachu McDonalds $0.50
Mega Latios $0.50 SOLD
Dialga Burger King card holder $0.75

McDonalds toys all $0.25
SOLD: Reshiram

Flareon socks $4 SOLD
Pocket Pikachu (needs new battery, untested) $18
Poliwhirl gold card $1.00

Slowpoke iphone5 case with tail -USED $15.00 SOLD
Tail can be washed to look good again ;)

Shooting game (just base and shooters) - Cresselia figure not included. This is Free just pay for shipping.

Pikachu fan $2.00
Action pen w/ all disks pictured $1.00
Golem coin (case is free for whoever wants it) $0.25

Back side image:
Venusaur/Scyther pencil board $2.00 SOLD
Starters Pencil board $2.00
Chimchar/Driftloon pencil board $4.00
Modern art kuji clear file w/ Goldeen/Lotad $4.00
Modern art kuji Pikachu/Ampharos $4.00

Eye see it $4.00
Another pic:
All other books $1.00 each (used condition)
SOLD: 3D Book,

Pikachu bank (missing top and bottom of bank) $1.00
Marrill herb pot (gashapon item, very small) $1.00

Back picture:
Empty wafer packages $0.25 each
SOLD: one with mega Licario,
Larger snack package (old snacks still in there, let me know if you want me to open this to send as a flat) $0.50

Wafer stickers $1.00 each
Bandaid ($0.50)
Vaporeon sparkly tretta $4.00

Tazos in this picture are $4.00 each (glameow comes with both pieces ;) )

Tazos in this picture are $3.00 each
SOLD: all 3 Entei, Raikou, Espeon, Flareon, Umbreon

Tazos in this picture are $2.00 each
SOLD: Typhlosion vs Skarmory, charizard vs Lugia, Lugia, Feraligator vs Typhlosion, Feraligator vs Blastoise, Tyranitar, Skarmory, Skarmory vs Hitmonlee,

Tazos in this picture are $2.00 each
SOLD: Articuno, Typhlosion, Scyther, Skarmory

Tazos in this picture are $1.00 each. I would say these have ben played with. Bottom row are in bad shape, those ones are free.
SOLD: Nidoqueen, Kangaskhan

Tazos holders $1.00 each SOLD

All $0.25 each

All $0.25 each
Cool shiny bootleg cards, elite four game cards

Monopoly cards $0.25 each
Sold: Kangaskhan

Monoploy cards $0.25 each

Large game piece $0.50 each

Small game pieces $0.25 each
SOLD: Shuckle

Monopoly figures $1.00 each
Dice $0.25 each (all have same stickers on them)
Monopoly money $2.00 for the stack
Yatzee boards - have 4 of these $0.25 each
Monopoly houses - free just pay shipping

Card binder (used, torm a little on clear plastic on back) $2.00
Party standee $1.00
Mewtwo card tin $2.00
DS case $2.00 SOLD

Card sleeves $10

Jumbo Palkia card $1.00

Card lot - lots of cards here. Asking $25 shipped within the US for it. Willing to haggle SOLD

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