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Mini Trades/Sales - Espeon and Leafeon Rubber Straps, Primal Kyogre Keychain available

Hi all, long time no see...

I got a pile of neat pokemon goods from Japan recently, thanks to a close friend who visited the country for the first time.  I loved everything. But I do have two eeveelution rubber straps that I don't need. They were blind boxed and I didn't quite get the one I wanted - Umbreon!

Espeon & Leafeon - Will trade or sell for $15* each

Primal Kyogre "Character Keychain" - This is a large keychain, with two layers, made of translucent, hard plastic. Pretty cool. I kept the Rayquaza one for myself but the Kyogre is up for grabs. Will trade or sell for $15*

* I am using PokeVault's prices as a guideline. I AM open to haggling.

Things I Am Mainly Looking For: Umbreon, Squirtle-line, and Flygon things.
Since I haven't been so active lately, there are a few things I recently missed - so do feel free to link me to your sales if you want to make a trade or partial trade!

- Sales permission granted by lineaalba in 2008.
- I ship internationally.
- Paypal only.
- Will ship within 1 week of cleared payment.

- My feedback is here. -
Tags: espeon, kyogre, leafeon
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