sei_ry (sei_ry) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Seeking PT Totodile Strap & Gently Used iPhone 5s cases! (+ HUGE sales preview!)

Still on the lookout for a Pokemon Time Totodile strap (from the 2009 series) to complete my collection! It must include all original packaging, though the bookmark is not necessary. I've been scourging Y!J for a while but none have yet to pop up.. <__>

Also just upgraded to a iPhone 5s from my old 4s so naturally I'll need a new Pokemon case for it hehe~ Looking for gently used ones at a lower price, any small scuffs and scratches are fine but no tears and large stains please ( ; v ; ) I'm most interested in the Pokemon Time 2013 Pattern and Gardevoir ones, as well as the Ghost Type Selection, but there are many more I'd be fine with buying!

Lastly, I've finally obtained sales permission and will make a HUGE sales post when I have the time to take photos! It'll mostly be phone straps, and you can see a preview here from a old gets post when I bought a 70,000 yen lot just for the PT straps I was;; If there's anything of interest feel free to comment or PM and I can set it aside for you :>
(Everything after the complete 2014 PT set is for sale, though a handful have already been sold!)

Thanks for reading! :D
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