Jenny Lynn (elekid) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jenny Lynn

Gets + Kids-for-kids trade?

Hello there! I hope the new year has been great for everyone so far :)

I've bought so many things from people here that I've been waiting to make a nice gets post, and nice it is indeed~

This is actually an eBay find, but it counts! Technically the Elekid and Marill Kutas are both from eBay, but the Marill just came in yesterday and I got it for 13 shipped, which I thought was a fantastic deal. I'm actually really sad now that I'm getting so attached to the kuta kuta plush, because I had a Poliwhirl and sold it months ago when I wasn't collecting the line. Don't you hate it when that happens?

A wonderful box for my fuzzy TOMY plush from poke_zula! It's SO much bigger than I expected and it was a wonderful surprise. Now I just need more fuzzy tomy plush for it, but most of them are wayyy too expensive for me right now looking at you, furret.

Chikorita shoulder buddy plush from whitechocoheart, and a tiny little Johto tin from wobbuwhit (if you haven't noticed yet, I'm slightly obsessed with Johto)! The tin fits in perfectly next to my budding Chikorita collection, even has the same shade of green <3

Last of the most recent gets, a fuzzy Hasbro Hoothoot plush from sorjei! I love this plush so much, especially with the mystery behind it- as far as I know from research on the internet, these were only released in the UK? And I really can't find how many other Johto plush like this there are out there, besides the Elekid I got in a trade with baconscreation, which I also love dearly.

Lastly, is anyone interested in doing a kid swap? I have these kids here from the 4th gen onward that I'm not really interested in, and I'd like to trade for Johto kids I don't already have (I currently have Unown, Chinchou, Elekid, Attack Delibird and Bellossom). I currently only am comfortable shipping inside the US due to rising international fees.

Thanks for looking, and have a great day! :D
Tags: chikorita, elekid, hoothoot, marill
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