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Quick Modpost - Central US LJ Outage

This is a quick modpost regarding an outage in Live Journal for those in the central US. This is straight from the Known Issues page on LJ.

[Update] A fix has been pushed live for this issue, and has been confirmed to resolve the problem. If you are still experiencing similar problems, please clear your browser's cache as outlined at, and open a new support request if the problem persists after your cache has been cleared.

Comment pages, update page, site navigation menu, and various other site abnormalities

We've seen quite a few reports today of a variety of issues happening, such as comment pages not loading for some people, the security menu and various other buttons not functioning on the Update Journal page, and parts of the site navigation menu not functioning.

Who is affected?

This is isolated to people in the Central part of the United States. More specifically, if you pull up a map and draw a line from Texas to Minnesota, people close to that line are who are affected. The farther West we've seen people running into this would be in Colorado, and the farthest East is Ohio.

Why is this happening?

LiveJournal uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host static files such as images, videos, javascript files, and stylesheets (CSS). The CDN has servers around the world, and you receive these static files from the server closest to your location. All of the problems are consistent with not receiving these files at all, or receiving a different version of the than is expected (i.e. an older version).

What are you doing to fix it?

We're working on identifying which CDN servers are missing or have an outdated version of the necessary files so the correct version can be added.

If you are currently running or participating in auctions/sales please keep in mind some users may not be able to reply because of this outage. For those who are in this area with auctions running, if there are any issues that arise because you are unable to view your auctions please let the modteam know and we'll try and figure out the best course of action depending on the situation.
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