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Pichu PlushPlush for trade/auction

Auction is over

Hello! Today I'm putting up this little fellow up for auction OR trade (for a Blaziken PokéDoll):

Sales information:

  • My sales permission was approved by entirelycliched on September 20th, 2014.

  • My feedback can be found here. All PKMN Collectors rules apply.

  • I ship from Spain and I ship internationally.

  • All of my items are stored away from smoke, pets, and food.

  • I will always try to send within a day or two after receiving payment. You will be notified when your purchase has been sent out.

  • All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or fees. I only accept PayPal. Please send your payment as "Goods" and state your username and what you bought in the memo!

The plush is tush tag only, however it is in very good condition - the fabric, seams, stuffing and eyes are in perfect condition. He's got a very small, almost unnoticeable patch of rougher velvet behind his ear, as pictured. Please let me know if you need more pictures:

Auction information:

  • Shipping to Europe is 6USD, international shipping is 7USD. This includes tracking and insurance.

  • Auction will start at 100USD. Please bid in at least 1USD increments, reply to the last person who bid, and don't edit your posts.

  • BIN will be a Blaziken PokéDoll in good condidtion (no stains, w/ tush tag).

  • The auction will end on January 21st, 17:00GMT. Countdown here. If anybody bids in the last 10 minutes, the time will automatically extend.

  • I can combine this plush with other merch from my sales post:

Thank you all for reading, and good luck!
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