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huge sales!! everything obo + torchic lot

hi community, I went through everything I had in storage today and I've added a ton of stuff to my sales! I've tried to group everything by pokemon or what kind of item it is but unless I've stated not to PLEASE don't be afraid to ask to separate the lots! also please don't be afraid to haggle, EVERYTHING is OBO!! there's also a few freebies, please only ask for one per order! thank you

I have: vileplume lot, leafeon and espeon items, snivy and tepig items, canvas plushies - please take a look if you are interested!!

-Sales permission granted by areica96 on 10/20/15
-my feedback
-I ship from US, prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless stated
-I'm not shipping internationally at the moment, sorry
-Paypal only
-Payment is due within 48 hours or negative feedback will be given
-I won't sell to banned pkmncollectors members
-Please be clear if you are asking for a quote or are committed, backing out of a sale will result in negative feedback
-I'm not responsible for any issues after package has been shipped out
-Haggling is fine, but I'm not interested in trades
-All other community rules apply

Vileplume lot (will not seperate) - $22 shipped

Includes: friends plush
monsters collection card
pokemon center 151 badge (used condition)
swing charm
dex charm
figure stamp
mega blok

Whismicott Pokedoll Figure - $8

Leafeon banpresto plush TTO - $8
Espeon I heart Gothic TTO - $15 (not sure how to price, feel free to haggle)
cyndaquils are sold

Espeon and Leafeon I heart eevee keychain plush TTO - $12 for both, or $7 each

(absol and fennekin figure not for sale)
Fennekin pokedoll with detatched hang tag - $16
Charizard button - $3
Charizard swing charm - $5

snivy pokedoll (will come with detached hangtag) - $8
espeon tomy plush - $8
4 inch leafeon PC plush - $4

riolu canvas TTO - $15
pikachu - $4 (used condition)
snivy and tepig - $10 each (will come with detached hangtags)

jirachi rumble u - $5
jirachi pencil topper - $3
blastiose minicot- $10
both zoruas for $5
phanpy suction cup - $5
everything else is freebie with purchase (lugia coin, riolu gone)

sapphire preorder coin -$8
dratini is freebie

snivy bottle cap and stamp figure - $7
tepig kids/figures - $8

kid figures $2 each (cyndaquil has sold) or $9 for all (note jirachi has sharpie mark on back)

leafeon/espeon figures - $10 for all (note espeon on left has sun fading)

leafeon/espeon chupa (i think thats what they are, please correct me if i'm wrong) these are tiny!! about the size of a quarter, and i couldn't get espeon to stand up - $30 for both or $17 each

raichu keychain - $4

Dialga preorder stylus - $5
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