lasse_burr (lasse_burr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedolls At Target!

Hey PKMNCollectors, long time no post!

To me it feels like there hasn't been a lot of merch released in the past few months so I've steadily slowed down on buying plushes and lurking here. I had pretty much stopped collecting Pokémon-related stuff, but that all change today when I when to target and saw that they had pokédolls! :D I hadn't seen Pokémon Center plushes at my Target in over a year so I assumed that they had stopped stocking them.

I happened to walk past the card isle today and out of the corner of my eye I saw a grey and red plush sitting on the self. At first I thought it was an old Jakks Zorua, but when I saw the tag I realized it was a Pokédoll! I was so excited because I haven't bought anything Pokémon related (besides the games) in stores in nearly a decade!

So here he is! He's super cute, I've wanted a Zorua Pokédoll for years and I'm really glad I have one now! :D

They also had a Hoopa PokéCen Plush. I'm curious to know what kind of Poké plushes you guys have seen at your Target.
Tags: pokedoll, zorua
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