koolhk (koolhk) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Back from the ends of the earth+Marshtomp+Help!

Hey everyone, its been a long time and finally im back:)

This is a multiple news post so I will start off with some sad news about my collection.

1. Recently I have brought a few stuff off ebay which were lickilicky DX Kid and lickilicky keychain though unfortuantely it looks like a fluke after months of waiting and talking with them it seems there making exuses. I also need to get in contact WITH SCARSOFSUNLIGHT because I am wondering where my lickilicky Jakks is.

2. It seems that I may be starting a new collection, MARSHTOMP. I was wondering if anyone had any items of him such as plushes, zukan , anything really. Though I might not buy it till Christmas but I would like to know if anyone may have any items of him.

3. Finally expect a collection update in January(2 months late) consisting of what I got after a Christmas spending spree. In 2009 I am planning to buy alot of Pokemon Movie 12 stuff especailly if Arceus and the first fifth generation Pokemon is in it!

Until next time,

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