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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Small Sales To Help Me Raise Some Funds...:3

I am rather rusty when it comes to doing sales on here, so bare with me. I have a chance to visit Japan at the end of February, the trip is right around the corner and I need to raise a little extra money.


First the important stuff, like rules...

Sales permissions:

I have been a member of the pkmncollectors since August of 2007! So, I was technically "grandfathered" in. I also run purrspkmnpalace, which really needs the cobwebs shaken off.


At this time, I am only taking payment via Paypal. Shop prices do not include shipping and "fees!"


I live in the good ol' USA!

The amount of shipping/handling varies based on the weight of items purchased. I also charge .50 for the padded envelope your "goodies" will be sent in. Bubblewrap, toploaders, card sleeves, tape, etc are all paid for from my own pocket.

Insurance, tracking, confirmation, etc. is optional! Shipping quotes do not include additional services, unless requested by the buyer! Sorry, but I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail!

All paid US items will have their labels printed via Paypal (this is my first time doing labels this way) and my mail carrier will then pick the packages up from me, since I lack wheels. Obviously, this will rely on me catching the mail carrier since USPS will only pick-up packages if a Priority one is in the mix. I'm usually pretty good at catching her...:3

International, if I mail your item via First Class Letter, then I can not print your label through Paypal since I they don't have "contains rigid object" as a selection. I rather be safe then have purchases returned or arrive to a buyer with postage due, so I will have to take all envelopes to the post office. Since I lack transportation, I will have to rely on a neighbor and will ship all International Envelopes once a week. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


All items come from a smoke free, but pet friendly environment. I have 2 cats and their hair has a mind of its own! If your package accidentally comes with some kitteh hair, think of it as a free gift from Jaden and Jiraiya! XD

If you are worried about the over all condition of an item, then please do ask. Remember most of the items I am selling are second hand goods! Items are sold as is and I will not issue a refund if the item was not in the condition you had hoped!

After I reply with your grand total, you have 24 hours to respond. If you have sent payment, please tell me that you have done so. It is a common mistake for people to misspell my Paypal addy. If I do not hear back from you in the 24 hour period and someone else is asking about an item you wanted, I will then sell it to them.

Lack of replies has become a rather big issue!! To many times have I responded with a total and never gotten a response back. A simple "yes" or "no" is all I need, I will not argue with you. Not responding may result in negative feedback with the community and possible banning from my sales!.

Holds & Payment Plans:

Sorry, but I will not be doing holds or payment plans at this time since my trip is so close.


Legendary Battrio.png

Takara Tomy Battrio Coins:

Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos(SOLD) - $8.00ea or all 3 for $22.00
Suicune, Entei(SOLD) and Raikou(SOLD)- $8.00ea or all 3 for $22.00
Latias and Latios - $8.00ea or both for $15.00(SOLD)
Umbreon - $9.00

Legendary Battrio - 2.png

Takara Tomy Battrio Coins:

Victini, Pikachu and Cresselia(SOLD) - $6.00
Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie - $6.00
Regirock, Regice and Registeel - $5.00 or all 3 for $13.00

Legendary Battrio - 3.png

Takara Tomy Battrio Coins:

Skymin - $6.00
Phione - $5.00

Metal Pokemon Coins:

Growlithe - $6.00(SOLD)

Icing Cooking Strap:

Sylveon - $12.00 - New, sealed and comes with insert(SOLD)

Icing Cooking Strap:

Eevee x 2- $10.00ea - New, sealed and comes with insert(SOLD)
Fennekin - $8.00 - New, sealed and comes with insert(SOLD)

Icing Cooking Strap:

Chespin x 2 1 (1 x SOLD) - $5.00ea - New, sealed and comes with insert
Froakie - $6.00 - New, sealed and comes with insert(SOLD)

Icing Cooking Strap:

Pikachu x 2 1 (1 x SOLD) - $5.00ea - New, sealed and comes with insert

Japanese Pokemon TCG:

1st Ed Luxray - $4.00 - Mint/Near Mint
Luxary Meiji Promo - $5.00 - Mint/Near Mint and Still Sealed!
1st Ed Mega Gengar - $8.00 - Mint/Near Mint
1st Ed Mega Manectric - $5.00 - Mint/Near Mint

US Pokemon TCG:

Venusaur EX - $3.00 - Mint/Near Mint(SOLD!)
Full Art Seismitoad EX - $9.00 - Mint/Near Mint and Still Sealed!(SOLD!)
Full Art Lucario EX - $12.00 - Mint/Near Mint(SOLD!)

Pokemon Metal Keychains:

Zoroark Movie Keychain - $5.00
Mudkip Keychain - $8.00

Pokemon Tomy Figures and Bank:

Tomy Bulbasaur - $4.00
Tomy Tyranitar - $8.00
Pokemon Ball Bank - $9.00

Pokemon Lottery Prizes:

2008 Shaymin Figure Keychain x 2 - $10.00ea

I also have some goodies up on eBay:

Like this lovely cel:

If my images are not showing up, please let me know. The last time I posted there was an issue where they were not showing up due to security settings. That is it for now. If all goes well with these sales, then I hope to do a bigger sales post by the end of the week...;)

Tags: articuno, azelf, bulbasaur, cards, chespin, cresselia, eevee, eeveelutions, entei, fennekin, figures, froakie, gengar, growlithe, latias, latios, lucario, luxray, manectric, mesprit, moltres, mudkip, phione, pikachu, raikou, regice, regirock, registeel, sales, seismitoad, shaymin, suicune, sylveon, tyranitar, umbreon, uxie, venusaur, zapdos, zoroark
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