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Wants + website updated (finally)

Hi hi :D
*Edit* Yveltai -> Giratina (username change)
After much reorganizing and cleaning out, I finally fixed up both my website and my wants list. I am especially happy with my website (the giratina section currently) since it's much more clean than before. I'm still working on fixing my side collections (Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus), but Giratina is all up to date! I can't believe I finally sat myself down and took pictures.
Click the banner or the link to be transported ;>
I'm also always looking for affiliates. Please comment with your banner and URL if you wanna do so :D
Onto the wants!

It's a European battle figure. I finally found more info on it today and it's a high and mighty need. I prefer just the figure, though! I don't have use for the pokeball.

This is the last keshipoke I need to finish the series gfjkhff I found one on ebay but it's $20 and it's ridiculous.

These two babs. They don't need the strap with them. As long as their condition is okay.

This is a total shot in the dark but I'm always looking for these two for a decent deal;

(both by ambertdd)
I'm not entirely sure of their sizes because I've seen so many different measurements, but I'll take either right now. The larger one is more of a grail-like plush, but not exatly a grail. I am willing to do payment plans for both of these plush.
Other wants that aren't as high can be found here

Also got a few gets recently. Can you believe I only need 28 more figures to go? As well as five more plush. I can't believe I've come so far after only collecting Giratina for 10 months.

I got all three of these. I only wanted Giratina, so the other two will be put into sales.

I got this whole set for Giratina. I'm keeping Dialga as well, but the rest are going.

I got these three plush. I am excited to get them <3 Last two plush are coming from StalkingSuicune :D

I have a question about the old Seattle kiosk pokedolls. How different are the tags from the NYC PC ones?

The left is the (assumed) NYC PC. The right is the Seattle one (MWT).
I noticed the tush tags were different. Same thing as above, left = NYC right = Seattle

Is my original pokedoll a really well made bootleg? Or is it just that different from the west coast version? The tush tag on the left one seems to be a lot lighter than the one on the right, and it looks a little dirty (probably from me sleeping with it lmao).

Shameless sales plug since I put new stuff on it and cut some prices. Rules and whatnot are on there :v I'll eventually be putting my Shaymin collection up there as a lot within the next three weeks once all the stuff comes in.

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