Kawaiichao (kawaiicha0) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Is anyone selling a Croagunk Pokedoll?

It's my first week here and I already have to restrain myself from buying... EVERYTHING! I really don't know how you guys do this and manage to live, haha.

Anyways, before I settle down with buying for a bit, I'd like to find someone selling a Croagunk pokedoll! Hopefully in my budget @_@;

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to be picky, haha, but I would really appreciate a croagunk pokedoll with the pokedoll tag attatched, I don't think Id go for one without it. That's pretty much it, thanks!

Also, I have some friends coming in the mail, so I guess I'll post again when they arrive!

Tags: croagunk, plush, pokedoll, wanted
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