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A fun pack of flying fluff

Greetings, everyone!  Isn't it awesome when you get something extra cool on a special day?  Since this happened to me this round, I thought I'd share a little collection update to celebrate with!

Who's that Pokemon?  It's Togekiss~!

I definitely couldn't ignore such a cute face, haha.  This latest Pokemon Time promotion surprised me by the cuteness everywhere, but I decided to stick with Togekiss for myself this round.

Now, this cushion plush is larger than I was expecting, but it's so cuddly and soft~! It's not minky smooth type soft, but the sort of soft fluffy material that makes you want to ruffle it as a calming distraction.  My camera isn't quite capturing the fuzzy glory here, so it looks nicer in person.

It looks like this Togekiss plush is roughly 2' long, 2' wide, and 1.5' tall, so be prepared to have your arms full of hugs if you end up with the same plush down the line~!

Also worth noting is that the clearfile set and figure strap are absolutely precious!  I'm amazed by how awesome the new Pokemon Time releases for this release are, and if there's a Pokemon you like in this set and enjoy the style presented, I highly recommend them!

Thank you for reading, and happy collection fun times to you!
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