raymence (raymence) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Problem with Buyee - Solved

(So, there's a couple of interesting items on Yahoo Japan.
I've used Buyee in the past for shopping from Japan. Ok, only once and about 2 years ago, but it worked well.
Strangely enough, now it says "You cannot bid on this auction because the seller has a low rating" on ALL the auctions I was browsing.
But one of those sellers even has 3000 ratings?!

Does anybody know what to do? Or can I simply not use Buyee anymore?
In this case, what other middleman proxy sites would you recommend?
Is From Japan good? I found the tutorials on this community for using different proxy sites, but since they date back to 2012 and maybe some things like proxy fees etc. might have changed, I figured I could ask for advice before creating an account.
Hope this kind of post is allowed!

Thank you for reading!)

Edit: The mysterious message has vanished by itself by now. Looks like it was a temporary problem with Buyee! :)
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