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Collection Site Re Do and Entei Wants

I've been unhappy with how messy my collections pictures looked, so I've redone them all to make them neat and organized AND now you can click to ENLARGE all the sections I've redone :). I've tackled re doing entei's collection (Discovered I lost my Keshipoke series 10 :C will be hunting that at my parent's tonight) and have updated other parts of the site, such as the hoenn hasbro figures, Ho-Oh, Skitty, Xerneas, and Magikarp. I am slowly but surely catching up! I will be redoing wailord, litleo, and dialga's section as well as Adding in Lucario's section as it has since very much grown! Feel free to take a look by clicking the banner at the bottom!

As always, Entei Wants! I'm dying to get my hands on NEW 3D Entei's and not flats T-T Please help me find <3
Hasbro ThinkchipThinkchip Prototype *GRAILIEST OF GRAILS GRAIL* PLEASE message me ASAP if you were to ever come across this. I am offering a $50 finders fee alone!
Yawarka Fuzzy Figure Yawarkara Fuzzy Figure *GRAIL*
Chocolate TinChocolate Tin (HIGH WANT) *GRAIL*
Keshipoke Series 4Keshipoke Series 4 *GRAIL*
Retsuden Series 8
PC Craft Self Inking Stamps
Buildable Standup

ANY Battrio!
Shiny Battrio

Master Ball BadgeThis specific Master Ball Badge
Metal CoinsAll Metals EXCEPT Silver
Pokeball Collection 6Pokeball Collction 6 Keychain

StampFigure Stamp
Stylus 2010Both Stylus' From 2010
Theater CharmZoroark Movie Theater Charm
Theater Clip3rd Movie Theater Clip (PURCHASED)

Theater Pen3rd Movie Theater Sytulus
Theater Strap3rd Movie Theater Strap
Rubber KeychainRubber Keychain

Thanks For Looking!!!
Collection Banner Full 2.png
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