Risha Moon (risha_moon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Risha Moon

Tumblr, Wants, and a Possible GB

Hi, Everyone!

Wow! It's been awhile since I posted here. ^^; I'm finally back to collecting and have been updating my Tumblr - Risha's House of Cards. For 2016, I'm doing a 366 Pokemon Cards a Day Project where I'm going through the Pokedex and sharing Pokemon lines that I collect cards of each day. :D I'm still catching up since I was 3 weeks behind when I actually started. ^^;

And now some wants:

Is anyone selling or trading the Poncho Pika cards or figures?

I'm still looking for Houndoom EX, FA, and Spirit Link cards in Italian, Spanish, German, and possibly French. French and German are kind of on hold since I'm getting booster packs for those. Also, I need Houndoom FA and Mega Houndoom EX and FA in Korean.

Also looking for this card from XY9 -

And, I'm looking for an English 2015 McDonald's Pikachu card if anyone has one to trade. I'll need to check which duplicate McD cards I have left if anyone is interested in trading.

And, older wants, I'm still looking for a Japanese Reviving Legends L3 Reverse/Mirror Holo Houndoom card, Topps Foil Houndour and Houndour sticker cards, and any of the Eeveelution cards from the French McDonald's set that released with Dark Explorers cards.


I am considering doing a Group Buy for some Mew Mythical Pokemon Collection boxes. If anyone is interested in just the Mew promo card and/or pin, please let me know and I'll set up the GB if there's enough interest. I would be claiming the 2 Generations booster packs.


I will be doing a Breakpoint bosoter box opening when the set releases early February. If you are interested in any cards and would like me to let you know if I pull extras of them from my box, please let me know.

List so far:
Sorjei - Psyduck and Golduck
Sushirisu - Rattata, Raticate, and Promo card with Chespin
spritzzie - Spritzee and Aromatisse


And I have the folllowing TCGO Codes for trade/sale if anyoen is interested -

Breakthrough x12
Roaring Skies x9
Ancient Origins x5
Primal Clash x6
Phantom Forces x3
Flashfire x3
XY x2
Legendary Treasures x2

One of each of these -

Collector's Chest
Powers Beyond Tin Latios
Powers Beyond Tin Rayquaza
Hoenn Power Tin Swampert
Hoenn Power Tin Blaziken
Hoenn Power Tin Sceptile
Deoxys Tin

~ Risha
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