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Eevee Country invades Australia + SUDDENLY, CARDS.

Y hallo thar, sunyshore box sitting on my table. How are you today? :D Epic photostory oh yeaaah

Y'all get off there, I need to get a knife so I can rescue them.


Left = Original Doll, Right = Eevee Collection Doll

Trendsetters!! *shakefist*

Charms~ Espy is for mum :) She loves Espeon, and will probably faun over her new doll and the new Eevee doll tonight. Leafia for me <3

FAT SINGING BURDSIURbgurnsedixkcjrhfh

That's all for now! ... wait a minute.

Thanks ParuParu <3 Go hang with your pantheon boyfriends now.

CARDSIhgnuidkjrhxfugcj *sniffs box, dies happy from smell of cards*. It's a good smell, high quality prints. Mmm. This was a surprise to show up today, my partner and I had recently raided brianjapan and basically cleaned him out of meiji promos. There were some surprises in here though..


XD this answers our question, daynipp, as to what was in the bottom right-most magazine in the lot you won. SnapPika!

eew sorry, my healing burn doesn't look pretty

Yamikarasu and energy. :D

Neo1 Binder. They're so cheap these days, it's fantastic. Haven't ever really nabbed one up until now. The folder insert is really pretty.

OM NOM MEIJI PROMOS. This completes about 94% of my 2007 promo run, and a good chunk of gaps from 2008 are filled. Scans due up on collectorviper very soon :D

Oh yeah..

HELLO ELUSIVE BASTARDS. These three promos are the World Championship promos for 2008, and were announced when worlds started, but only got released at the end of november, filling a gap of three in a folder that had continued to go up to 126DP-P. They cost a pretty penny too for the set of 3. Not super expensive, but not entirely cheap either.

PS: Have some high resolution scans of the new eevee doll tags :) Leafia and Glacia were left unscanned because they're the same as their other counterparts. I can scan at your request though. REQUESTED!

Gen I-II Download Here (1.4mb, JPG)
Gen IV Download Here (460kb, JPG)
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