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Much-Delayed gets post

Greetings, fellow pkmncollectors! I took a slight holiday break for my own sanity. Working Christmas at a major tourist attraction is a little nutso. @_@ Anyways, I have a bunch of new gets to share, and if anyone was waiting on feedback from me it has been left! I'd love it if you could leave me some in return. <3 I received some generous Christmas and Birthday gifts and met Pikachu at the Nintendo Mall Experience! So there's a picture of me with him down in there somewhere. ;)

I want to get started with these amazing and rare European promo cosplay Pikachu pins! :D

See the cut for a larger picture of these beauties. <3

Here are some nice vintage things I found on eBay. <3

Sealed TOMY Pikachus! :D

Snorlax and Pikachu transforming monster balls! They were new in the capsule. :D I have a Psyduck in the same condition UFT if anyone is interested!

The Gachapon insert

A sealed VHS of Wake Up Snorlax!

Snorlax coin purse, Applause Snorlax, and the Snorlax Snack Board Book!

This book is too cute! :D

And a little Pokemon House playset! :D :D :D

I have slowly but surely built up my TCG collection :D

My TCG collection has grown so much I needed a new binder. ;3

Snorlax cards! Some came from pandaeatworld and some came from ebay and I traded for the pink one with spritzzie

Thanks! I had wanted the Dominoes Snorlax for years. @_@

I completed my set of early Munchlax promos with the LaRousse city Munchlaxes! The only promo I still need is the Dominoes Munchlax.

Various flavors of Darkrai EX! :D

I picked up this Promo Dratini from a buddy on IG. :3

A couple promo Pikachus from eBay :D

And I got this Pikachu EX box from my office Secret Santa! :D

And here are some great Comm gets! Thanks to each and every one of you!

Snorlax Pracoro dice set from  ! I got the apple Snorlax. :D I forgot who I bought this from though. ;-;

A few liittle things that came with other items and the Munchlax Retsuden Stamp from herar 's GA! :D Thank you!

This Play by Play Snorlax came from thepapayafruit all the way from Denmark so I call him Hamlet. :D Thanks again!

Awesome clearfile from skdarkdragon 's claims. The Pikachu plushies below came from her too. Thanks so much for making these available! :D

How I displayed them with my Christmas decorations. :3

riolu made her extra Pokecen shoppers available to the comm and I picked this up. Sooooo cute! Thanks again! :D

McDonalds Toys and Goodwill finds! My Goodwill sells plushies for $1 and I have gotten a couple lucky finds lately. :D

Nintendo Mall tour! They gave out Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Posters and Pins too!

Birthday and Christmas goodies! ;3

Of course there's the jumbo Snorlax I recieved as an early gift from my fiance that I already shared. xD

I also got this Pikachu 3DS cover, a Pikachu game case,

TOMY Snorlax and Diancie Pokedoll,

Early birthday present from my fiancé 💕💕💕 #snorlax #pokemoncenter #pokemon #plushie #giantplush #pikachu #Munchlax

New Pokemon Market Snorlax and the new Tomy Pikachu figure. And there are things in the mail that were bought with gift money xD

Thank you so much for reading through all that! xD I think I waited too long to make a gets post. @_@ But it's the slow season at work so I have more free time. :D
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