Rachel the Team Magma Grunt (latias_latios_7) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rachel the Team Magma Grunt

Tiny Gets Post c:

Hi everyone! I've realized that I haven't done a gets post in ages, so here's a tiny one ^^

First off, I got two plush from Vulpes_Canis. They represent my Chikorita and partner Charmander in Super Mystery Dungeon, Serene and Kai! I only have them at their second evo stage in-game, but oh well lol. I got a free cute drawing added in too :D

And next, I got a sleepy Bulba plush from hobby_japan and a set of sleepy figures from Poliwhirl! Bulbasaur was my last non-preorder purchase before I decided to stop collecting. I don't really have any place to put him, so I decided to leave him on my bed and sleep next to him every night xD He's exactly the same size as my lifesized custom Bulbasaur (though the angle of the pic makes him smaller), so I'm gonna count him as another 1:1 plush.
I now have quite a few of those- Houndoom, Bulbasaur x2, Poochyena, Treecko, Bayleef, Togepi, and Celebi. I have two different sized large Snivy's too, I'm sure one of them is close to 1:1.

I only have three more plush I'm waiting for... after that I'll be more or less done with pokeplush packages D:

Did anyone else get plush to represent their SMD pokemon?

And a link to my store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PokePerlerPalace?ref=hdr_shop_menu
(An Empoleon and Vaporeon will be added shortly)
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