michmell (michmell) wrote in pkmncollectors,

LATE INTRO.. here is my collection tho:)

Hello! Super glad to be in this community. Im Michmell. Pokemon is a big part of my childhood but recently i started to like the plushies as well. Honestly i LOVE them, i dont know why..They are so addicting to collect. Of course from the photos, i love to collect eeveelutions. I am not into collect figures that much but i do have a few. I love collecting some eeveelution sets like the trick pose or trump card sets. I also like pikachu and snorlax plushies. Im hoping to collect the DX pokedolls pf pikachu and others. I really like mew also but at the moment i only have one mew plush at the moment. I love the pokedolls, they look so adorable. I really want to get the new Takara Tomy Pikachu plush as well.. i wish i bought him when i had the chance. Ah so far though, my wallet has taken a hit from all the plushies i get, but i dont regret it because they are so irresistible. But here is my collection sooo far haha.

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