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Christmas came early~ Praise Arceus!

Hello again, lovely comm members! I had to limit my time online in order to focus on studying for a very important exam. But now that's done, so, time to browse through all of your posts, and show off my new stuff from around Christmas time :D (oh wait, did I mess up my title?)

First up is the new Tomy pose figure for the new Hoopa movie that came out last year. Thank you, zora_star! Like most other figures with moving parts, all four legs are moveable for all your posing desires.

Here, we see Arceus in the middle of his morning yoga ;)

The figure is actually small, compared to the box it came in. It's about the same size as the Jakks figure. Side by side, the two are actually quite similar. My mom is probably going to ask why I have so many of the "same figure" haha :p

I got a few of the Arceus chou figures on ebay- Meadow, Splash, Draco, and Normal plates. The little strap figure was from zenity.

Finally got my hands on the pre-order figure, and mint in box too!

The 2015 Lottery figure, original version. Compared to the metallic one, it's really... less shiny.

I found the kid figures I was missing, and I believe I have all of them now. The DX kid figure is also posable, but to be honest, it's really not my favorite. The ring is too small and the whole thing looks like some sort of derpy llama with a hula hoop.

I don't know the official names for these, so I refer to them as (from left to right)
-Regular Arceus tall strong, stoic
-Hokey Pokey Arceus ~ you put your left foot in, you put your left foot out~
-Takeback Arceus Trainer say whaaaaa~~
-Reindeer Arceus ~dashing through the snow, in an Arceus-pulled sleigh~

And finally, something I didn't think I'd find- the 2009 Banpresto Prize pearly Arceus vinyl figure! It came as a set of 2 alongside the gizamimi pichu. (I forgot to take pictures of the boxes.)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ so exciting. The figure is vinyl, and hollow so it's not heavy. And some assembly is required.

The most annoying part was the abdomen- it's designed to be popped in but the hole is really small, and the vinyl ended up caving in and not cooperating -w-" i swear, I spent 15 minutes trying to get everything together, and sprained my thumb in the process.


Legs are, once again, moveable, but the head is not. Plus side to that, no ugly seam along the neck. However, the head does tend to fall off when the figure is tilted. I'm going to have to use a bit of museum putty to get it to stick.

Size comparison to kid figure.

Due to living in an apartment, displaying my collection is limited. ah, I miss the glass display cases in my old house. For now, I have figures cramped in my bookshelf with my books and things. Pre-order figures! Zukans! Secret base totodile! I do love dragon-types. And a very festive eevee from skdarkdragon's pick-up (thanks again~)

On another shelf, a cluster of exciting new figures- the sleeping friends 3 set! (thank you, poliwhirl~)

I don't know, but sleeping Pokemon are just plain irresistible.

One last thing for today, a Christmas present that came a little late (or early, depending on which year we're talking about)

Now who could this be?

It's flamebutt Reshiram! :D *squee* Thank you, chain!

This pokedoll was the thing I absolutely wanted most when I joined this community, so I'm really happy. He has his hangtag and everything too! Had to pay a fair chunk of change to fly him halfway around the world, but he is so worth it :3

My wallet is in need of a full restore at this point.
Thanks for reading ^-^
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