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Mew Mythical Pokemon Collection Group Buy


It looks like there was some interest in a GB for the Mew Mythical Pokemon Collection, so I decided to go ahead and run one. I think I'm going to limit this to three sets and the first two might already be filled by people who commented on my last post to see if there was interest.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-Feedback thread can be found here - Link

This is a GB for -

Which contains one Mew promo card, one Mew pin, and two Generations booster packs. I will be claiming the booster packs from each set.

There will be two payments:
First Payment: The box is $12.80 after tax so it'd be divided by 4 for the individual items. So, each item is $3.20 + paypal fee. This is due within 24 hours of all items being claimed for the sets (I will let you know when this happens.). I am hoping to preorder these asap (definitely within a week).

Second Payment: Will be shipping from me to you. This will be due within a week after I pickup the items. The release date is February 22nd. I live in the USA. Shipping for just the card (inside a hard plastic top loader) will be $1 (plus fee) within the US. I think shipping for the pin (wrapped in bubble wrap) or the pin/card together will be about $3 (plus fee) within the US. I am not sure what international shipping will be.

Update 1/26: All items have been claimed and totals have been sent. Once all payments have been received, I will be preordering the boxes.

Update 1/27: 3 out of 4 payments have been received so I preordered 2 of the 3 boxes. Ordering separately doesn't affect anything since there is no shipping cost to me since I'm doing an in-store pickup.

Update 1/28: Last payment has been received so the last box has been preordered. Now we just wait for the release date. :D


Set 1: - Preordered
Card: handmadehail - Paid
Pin: hokeypokeyboop - Paid
Booster packs: risha_moon

Set 2:
Card and Pin: derranged - Paid
Booster packs: risha_moon

Set 3: - Preordered
Card and Pin: espie - Paid
Booster packs: risha_moon

~ Risha

P.S. I'm still looking for almost all the items I mentioned here - Link Mainly Poncho Pika, Houndoom, and Eeveelution stuff. XD!
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