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Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm having an early spring cleaning/building a new computer is expensive sale :D I have several rare plushies, Tomy figures, charms, stationary, and more! Please check it out.

🔥Sale Rules🔥
- Granted sales permission by lineaalba in 2009
- My Feedback
- Payment is via PayPal
- All prices are in USD
- Prices do not include fees or shipping
- I will hold up to 24 hours for a committed buyer
- No PM sales
- I'm willing to haggle

🔥Shipping Info🔥
- I ship from the US worldwide
- Excluding things shipped in envelopes, everything will be shipped with tracking! This includes shipping overseas
- Shipping starts at $2.75 for US shipping
- Shipping for flats start at $.75
- I am not responsible for any packages once they leave my hands, proof of shipment will be provided if necessary

Jolteon and Flareon original minky Japanese Pokedolls (tags have minor wear and a few small creases) - $50 each or $90 for both

Mudkip Canvas plush (tag is detached) - $32

Banpresto plushies:
Samurott - $16
Terrakion MPC - $5
Darumaka (no tag) - $4
Aipom (tag is damaged) - $25

English Yveltal large size Pokedoll - $19
Japanese Mega Charizard X plush - $20

Jakks Dewott plush (no tag) - $8
Jakks Sandile plush (no tag) - $10
Chespin Tomy plush - $7

2013 Slowpoke tail - $30

Hasbro talking + vibrating Togepi plush - $15

2009 Charizard line charm set - $20
2009 Blastoise line charm set - $20
Charizard charm line - $14

2009 Lugia, Ho-Oh - $11 each
Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza - $6 each or $15 for all three

Inkay charm line - $6
Klefki charm - $9
2009 Pinsir charm - $10

Lose charms - $4 each
Sliggoo - $2

Who's That Pokemon notebook (inside) - $15
Dragon type notebook (inside) - $20
Charizard notebook (includes sticker sheet, inside) - $20

Creation trio notebook (inside) - $13
Sealed MD notebook - $7

Yokohoma Pokemon Center notebook (back, inside, has small crease at the top) - $10
Get Collection figures - $7 each
Sold: Zygarde Core

Super size Tomy figures - $9 each
Sold: Ash-Greninja, Mega Sableye, Mega Salamence

Tomy figures - $7 each

Various legendary Tomy figures - $7 each

Regi Tomy figures - $7 each or $25 for all four

Lake trio Tomy figures - $7 each or $18 for all three

MC+ Tomy figures - $5 each
Others - $3 each

Random Tomy figures - $3 each

Goodnight Friends Tomy figures - $3 each

Samurott Tomy sofubi soft vinyl figure - $15

Zekrom, Samurott Bandai motions diorama figures - $12 each

Zekrom figure lot:
Deluxe Jakks figure - $14
Small Jakks figure - $5
Tomy talking sofubi soft vinyl figure - $25
Tomy remote controlled figure (controller has scuff marks) - $22

Pikachu + Swords of Justice team pass case - $6

Random retsuden stamps - $2 each
$2 each:
Manaphy strap
Samurott Pepsi figure strap
Moltres kid figure
$3 each:
Emobar DX kid figure (has some paint transfers)
Emobar keshipoke
Gigalith kid figure
Gigalith attack kid figure
Articuno pencil cap
Hitmonlee pencil cap
$5 each:
Shaymin Sky pull figure
Giratina Origin pull figure
Samurott Banpresto keychain
Suicune zukan (missing peg) - $5
Zekrom PokeCen strap

Mega Altaria, Scizor mega stones - $5 each
$2 each:
Mega Scizor, Gyarados, Abomasnow can bages
Mega Lucario, Mewtwo Y, Charizard Y wall badges
$5 each:
Samorutt, Braviary, Gigalith dot sprite charms
Blazikenite mega stone
Shiny Entei 3D puzzle

Various flats:
$1 each:
BW Victini sticker
Pichu, Clefable pan stickers
Cubone, Slowpoke, Mega Beedrill stickers
Mega Scizor pencil cap
Pikachu, Torchic, Volbeat, HootHoot pogs
$2 each:
Mega Blaziken Tretta
Shaymin Battrio
Legendary bird sticker
$5 each:
Zekrom rice paper sticker sheet

Dialga, Palkia, Giratina 3D paper stands - $3 each

Sticker lot - .50c each

(backs, inside Charizard box)
$1 each:
Wendy's Torchic compass clip (has sploch on it)
BK blue, red card holders
$3 each:
Wendy's Lugia compass clip - $4
BK Scyther toy
$9 each:
Wendy's Charizard box

Topps foil cards - $2 each

Sealed Pepsi figures - $3 each

Lure and Fast ball charms (made by YellerCrakka) - $2 each

Sealed soy flavored Pikachu ramen - $5

Red VS Green card sleeves - $1 each (27 in stock)

B&W handkercheif - $10
Pokemon the 3rd Movie Pichu bros Japanese popup book (has slight signs of use) - $19
Size: approx. 11x10 inches
Inside book: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Japanese Samurott line shirt - $20
The shirt has been never been worn. Size: 140 kids
Tags: ampharos, azelf, blastoise, charizard, chespin, dialga, flareon, giratina, greninja, groudon, jolteon, klefki, luxray, manaphy, mesprit, mudkip, palkia, pikachu, pokedoll, regice, regigigas, regirock, registeel, sableye, salamence, sales, samurott, slowpoke, uxie, yveltal, zekrom
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