classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update and Sales!

Hi! My room was getting cluttered, so I moved everything around, take a look! ^_^

Before I moved everything around, I thought it would be fun to put my plush in categories, the first being standard.

Then I have Pokemon with outfits/accessories~

Pokemon with unique styles!

quick question, is the Glameow pokedoll considered kinda rare or uncommon?

And finally, customs!!

eeeee! Classy cats! ≦(・ ω・)≧

And the end result is this, tada!

I'm putting my figures here for now, but I'm hoping later I can find a better place.

I got some new stuff up for grabs, all under $10!!

I was given permission by allinia 6-11-14
Shipping is from the USA, and I'm willing to ship to most countries~
I have cats
This house is smoke free!

Mega gardevoir (sold) and meloetta are $5 each, can be mailed in a protected envelope.
Lisia card is $1
Altaria pan sticker is $3
Team Rocket card sold
Meowth pokedoll figure is $10 (has slight green marks on the back)
Mewtwo tcf Sold
Arceus card is $1

Sorry for the sideways pic! The shipping bag is $3 and the bonsly puzzle keychain is $3

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