yuwaku_kun (yuwaku_kun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Target Finds

Hey everyone! As others have posted, I finally found for myself a Target with the older plushes after many store runs with no sign of any Pokemon Center plushes. Finally, today I was taken shopping and when we stopped for lunch, I asked to go to the Target next door. Finally, my search was rewarded with not just one, but FOUR retired pokedolls. I ended up finding quite a different set from what others found..

3 2014 release pokedolls and a 2011. =) Thought it might spark others to go Target hoping. It has finally reached the middle of the US! We have full Target spread! ^_- Go fellow collectors and seek out the treasure to be had! Good luck!

As a side note, these pokedolls (other then zorua) will be available for trade for items from my wishlist. Please be aware I cannot trade immediately, as I am missing that last feedback required, but I have plenty of packages from members I am waiting on and that hopefully will change to 10 within the week. =) The Waku waku figures listed in my wishlist and the Chibi Kyun Chara of Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon and Glaceon are most wanted currently. I only started my list, so not much on it yet. XD

Tags: darkrai, jirachi, pokedoll, zorua
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